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How to disable Rootkit Scan- Norton Internet Security 2014
Posted by on 18 Feb 2014

The following steps are applicable to disable automatic Rootkit scanning in Norton Internet Security 2014:

  1. Open Norton Internet Security 2014 Console Window.

  2. Click on "Performance" tab. (See below screenshot)

  3. Click on "Settings" tab. (See below screenshot)

  4. Click on "Computer Scan" tab. (See below screenshot)

  5. Now on the right side of the console, you will notice the option "Rootkits and Stealth Items Scan". (See below screenshot)

  6. Click on the option "Rootkits and Stealth Items Scan" to toogle it to 'Off' the scan. (See below screenshot)

  7. Next, click "Apply" and then click "OK" to finalize the changes. The Rootkit Scan is now switched off. 
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