Yes, We're Windows 10 Compatible
Posted by Samuel Smith on 03 Jun 2016

Hey folks!

We here at Horizon DataSys wanted to send out a quick reminder to all of our users that yes, we are and have been Windows 10 compatible since October 2015.

This does require an update to v10.4 of RollBack Rx and/or v10.5 of Drive Vaccine in order to run properly. All older builds of the software will not run properly, sometimes resulting in fatal errors if allowed to be installed on Windows 10.

Download and trial the latest version of RollBack Rx Professional from this link directly:

Be sure to read through our User Guide:

Have a great day!

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Horizon DataSys announced today (Aug. 24, 2015) a new build for their Windows system restore solution RollBack Rx Professional and Drive Vaccine which patches three security vulnerabilities found in each program.

The security flaws exposed can be used to bypass Windows user privileges, bypass the pre-OS start-up, and modify the Access Control section within the software itself.

Due to the severity of this release it is highly recommended all users update to this latest build to have the most secure version of the product running.

The vulnerabilities were discovered by Joe Kovacic, CEO of itSoftware, a company which specializes in anti-malware technology.

“There is value in occasionally assuming the role of an ethical hacker,” Kovacic said. “Doing so gives me insight into how malicious actors exploit and bypass software technologies – whether that may be useful backup software like RollBack Rx or itSoftware’s own anti-malware technology. With that information, companies like Horizon DataSys and itSoftware are better capable of hardening our products and protecting our customers.”

The exploits discovered by Kovacic affect all previous versions and builds of RollBack Rx and our instant recovery software Drive Vaccine, as well as our freewares RollBack Rx Home Edition and Reboot Restore Rx. The patches for the latter two will be available by the end of August.

Once again, we here at Horizon DataSys highly recommend updating to the most recent build of the aforementioned programs to have the most secure version running.

We sincerely thank itSoftware and Kovacic for the hard work put into discovering and relating this information to our development team.

If you have Annual Maintenance and/or are currently using version 10.0 and above you qualify for a free upgrade. If not, you may inquire about how to upgrade by either chatting with a representative at, or by calling us directly at 1-800-496-0148.

You can directly download the latest versions by visiting the product pages tab at the top of our homepage.

For more information on itSoftware or to get in touch with the company, please visit

For any support related questions or inquiries, please go to our support portal.

For security reasons we will not be detailing how the previous versions were cracked.

~The Horizon DataSys Team

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Microsoft’s newest operating system (OS) Windows 10 is out.

On July 29, 2015 the new OS has been made available to the public and Microsoft has promised all Windows 7 and 8 owners the option to upgrade for free within one year of its release. That’s an enticing offer, and we anticipate many of our users will want to upgrade in that time.

However, it’s important to note officially RollBack Rx Professional and Home versions 10.3, Drive Vaccine version 10.4, Drive Cloner Rx 5.1, and Reboot Restore Rx are not compatible with Windows 10.  A new update is needed for all our programs which we are planning to release as our next major upgrade to bring us up to RollBack Rx version 11, Drive Vaccine version 11, and with Drive Cloner Rx’s upgrade to be announced soon after those are complete.

Our developers, after looking into the Windows 10 Preview and anticipating the necessary changes to make RollBack Rx compatible, are predicting a six-month period after Windows 10′s release to have it up and running. Therefore the goal for us is to have our software fully functional with a redesigned GUI by January, 2016.

While we understand many of our users will want to use our software on Windows 10 as soon as possible, this timeline is necessary when dealing with a program such as ours as it functions not just on the Windows file level, but the sector level as well. This allows our programs to have tighter security and integral failsafes, but it also means a deeper overhaul when dealing with a new OS to ensure the quality of the product stays intact.

Until then our users should not install any of our instant recovery software such as RollBack Rx, Drive Vaccine, Drive Cloner Rx, or the Microsoft steadystate alternative Reboot Restore Rx on any Windows 10 machine. While internally initial tests have shown the OS to successfully allow an install, the subsequent use (i.e. taking/loading of snapshots, restoring the LGK in Drive Vaccine, etc.) has varied results.

If you do plan on upgrading to Windows 10 prior to the release of version 11, you must uninstall our software first.

(Original article:

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A major exploit was discovered by an ethical hacker at Microsoft Ignite in May affecting all of our software - Drive Vaccine, RollBack Rx (Home, Professional, and Server), and Reboot Restore Rx.

This vulnerability (if found and exploited) allows the user to remove the software without the need for an Administrator password, and therefore removing all protection the software offers.

Our development team has worked with this individual to patch this exploit, and is now available for download.

It is highly recommended that all users of of our programs update to this most recent build available today (June 9, 2015).

For more information read here:

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2014's Biggest Security Threats
Posted by Samuel Smith on 29 Jan 2015

2014 was a big year in the PC security world.

The biggest data theft in history happened, global tech giants were hacked, and ransomwares continued to grow stronger.

Take a look at some of this past year's biggest threats, and gain some insight on how to better steel your systems from serious damage.

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Wow, it's starting to feel like awards season around here!

Drive Vaccine and RollBack Rx have both won the 2014 Tech & Learning Awards, and RollBack Rx has been nominated for a prestigious SIIA CODiE Award in the Best Security category!

A big thanks to all of you who use and support our software and getting the word out!

For more information read here:

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