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Error Message: "Total sectors not consistent with disk size setup cannot continue"
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During the setup of RollBack Rx- you may come across this error message: "Total sectors not consistent with disk size setup cannot continue". This error is most likely to occur during the subconsole setup of RollBack Rx. 

In order to realise why the error is caused- lets take a look at how RollBack Rx setup takes place.

As you know it, RollBack has two main components, the Windows component (drivers, registry settings, DLLs, GUI...) and the Subsystem Component.

When we run the setup of RollBack, we first setup the Windows component in Windows O.S. and then we reboot the system to install the Subsystem Component.

During the setup of the Windows component, we get the disk information such as the disk size, how many partitions...all that stuff from Windows O.S.

When we install the Subsystem component, we get the disk information from BIOS (because there is no Windows at that point).

Because we are essentially getting the information about the same disk, in most cases, the information match.

But in this case, the disk information that we received from Windows and the BIOS do not match. For example the Windows says it's a 100GB disk but the BIOS says it's a 98GB disk (therefore the total sectors do not match).

When RollBack detects this inconsistency, it stops the setup and reports the error ""Total sectors not consistent with disk size setup cannot continue". 

The problem is most likely caused by the BIOS. Because BIOS is a much older technology than Windows OS and it’s less frequently updated, so sometime an old BIOS is not able to recognize the newest and latest hard disk.

In order to resolve this error - update your system's BIOS  so it can recognize newer hard drives. After updating the BIOS- run the RollBack Rx setup again.


If updating the BIOS does not solve this problem, there is an overwrite switch for RollBack to ignore this check during setup, so RollBack can go ahead be installed.

To do that, we just need to enable VerifySector=0 switch in the setup.ini (By default this setting is commented off, remove the ; before VerifySector=0 will enable the switch).

Go to your RollBack Rx setup folder and open the setup.ini text document using notepad. Remove ';' from the line 'VerifySector=0'. This will enable the switch. (See screenshot below)


After commenting out the line. Run the RollBack Rx setup.

NOTE:  There is some risk involved by editing the 'VerifySector' line in the Setup.ini. Going back to the aforementioned example, Windows reports the disk is 100GB, the BIOS reports the disk is 99GB.

If Windows writes some data to the 99.5GB part of the disk, RollBack subsystem will not be able to restore (access) this data when the subsystem restores the disk.

If you still have trouble installing RollBack Rx- contact Horizon DataSys technical support -> "Submit a Ticket"


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