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The disk total sectors is not consistent with the disk size, setup cannot continue
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RollBack Rx has two components: the pre-OS subsystem recovery console and the Windows component (drivers and UI). When we install the Windows component, RollBack Rx gets the disk information, such as the size of the drive, and how many sectors it has from the Windows OS.

When we install the pre-OS subsystem recovery console RollBack gets the disk information from the BIOS (there is no Windows at the subsystem level). Logically, the disk information should be the same. After all it's the same disk.

But sometimes the Windows OS and the BIOS contain conflicting information about the disk. For example, let's say the Windows OS reads the disk as having 100GB with 100,000 sectors, but the BIOS reads it as a 90GB disk with 800,000 sectors. This is not an issue with RollBack Rx. Rather, it is the Windows OS or the BIOS which are incompatible with this disk.

Even though there is different information being read about the disk from Windows and the BIOS, only one of them is correct.

In some cases, our staff will send a test build where we tried to make an "intelligent guess" to setup RollBack Rx according to the most logical disk information to get RollBack Rx installed. However, sometimes the program will still not run smoothly after this setup. That's because either the BIOS or Windows does not like "the side" that RollBack Rx has picked.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from our software's side. To fix this problem, the user needs to get the BIOS and the Windows OS to recognize the disk correctly.

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