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The Exclusion Drive is not installing/appearing
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Drive Vaccine, now known as Reboot Restore Rx Professional, is designed to capture a clean state - which we call the Baseline - then on every reboot, logoff, idle time, or set schedule load into that state despite the actions of the previous user(s). This erases any trace of private information, history, or data entered onto the machine.

Some users may want to set aside space on the drive that does not get erased when the Baseline is loaded. This is called the Exclusion Drive.

But sometimes the Exclusion Drive is not created despite the user selecting the option and setting aside a certain amount of space during installation. This happens when the excluded space overshadows the available memory on the system.

To avoid this issue it is recommended to set aside a maximum of 30% of available disk space as to not overflow the PC’s available memory. For example, if the user has a 500GB harddrive it is best to set a maximum 150GB (30%) for the Exclusion Drive. Although, the lower the space set aside the better.

If more than 30% of the drive space is absolutely needed, it is recommended to instead create a separate partition rather than use the Exclusion Drive capability.

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