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RollBack Rx and/or Windows failed to boot after installation
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RollBack Rx is not a typical Windows application, and in order for the software to bounce out of failed Windows updates, driver failures, or BSOD’s, it needs to modify the Master Boot Record (MBR) in order for our software to be called and load prior to Windows launching.

But occasionally certain PC configurations do not allow for the modification of the MBR to take place, such as a firewall or antivirus software preventing those changes from happening. This can either prevent the installation from running, or simply have the system fail to boot into Windows after installation.

In this case, there are two courses of action the end user can take:

  1. First, check to see if the subsystem splash screen appears. If it does, check to see how far along the progress bar it makes and then freezes. If it does so, restart the machine. RollBack Rx will automatically launch into its DOS debug mode. Choose the 4th option – Uninstall. This should allow the user to load into Windows. Once they have done so, please navigate to Program Files -> Shield and collect and submit these four log files to our support team: 128.dat, shield.dat, subconsole.log, setup.log. 
  2. If the subsystem splash screen does not appear an MBR reset is required. Please locate and enter the Windows DVD/USB loader associated with the OS installed on the PC and insert it. Reset the machine and follow our troubleshooter guide to perform the MBR reset. Once this is complete, please navigate to Program Files -> Shield and collect and submit these four log files to our support team: 128.dat, shield.dat, subconsole.log, setup.log.

(NOTE: If during the DOS Uninstall option Windows still fails to load, please reset the machine and press the HOME key when the RollBack Rx splash screen appears. From this subsystem menu, choose the Uninstall option, and then proceed to submit the log files).

Once the files have been submitted, the senior technicians will review them and attempt to fix the issue(s). All correspondence will be handled through our support system, and can be viewed any time.

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