How to Disable Secure Boot
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Although our software has Authenticode with Microsoft, there are still times when users should disable Secure Boot before installing our software (read why here).

Each manufacturer has their own process for disabling Secure Boot, but there are a few general guidelines you can follow for any machine.

Enter the BIOS

The first step is to enter the BIOS of your machine. Generally, pressing one of the f-keys on the keyboard while booting up the PC will do this. Pay attention to your boot-up process as there will be a small note that states how to enter the BIOS and/or Setup of the machine before Windows loads.

Locate and Disable the Secure Boot Option

Once you’re in the BIOS look for the Secure Boot option. This option is generally found under the Security tab, Boot tab, or Authentication tab.

Change the selection from On to Off.

Save changes and exit. The PC will reboot.

Install Our Software

Finally, with Secure Boot disabled, you can safely install our software on any manufacturer machine.

NOTE: Do not disable Secure Boot while our software is installed. If you have already installed our program please uninstall the program and then disable Secure Boot.

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