A third party software installer is taking too long to complete.
Posted by Ram Sarma, Last modified by Ram Sarma on 03 May 2018

Once in a while you’ll come across a point where an installer for a specific program is taking a while to complete. You will first want to make sure whether you can replicate the issue without Rollback Rx installed. If there are no delays without Rollback Rx, then the most likely reason is due to the inability to create a system restore point when Rollback is installed.

Rollback Rx will sometimes lock the hard drive on certain machines and can prevent any third party applications from creating a system restore point.

A simple work around is to release the “Lock” that Rollback Rx has on the drive by going into the command prompt and entering  the following in the command prompt:

Shdcmd.exe /defrag /enable /u Administrator /p password

This will temporarily release the “Lock” on the hard drive and will allow your installer to create a system restore point. Keep in mind that, although this command switch includes the word defrag, there is no relation to windows defragmentation or the Rollback Rx snapshot defrag.

An important thing to note is that this is a temporary window. Once you restart the machine, Rollback will once again regain control of your hard drive and can prevent your installer from creating a system restore point.  

If you have created a snapshot after using defrag command, you may see an increase in the snapshot size as Rollback Rx will need to capture the system restore point as well as any action done by the third party installer.

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