How to run multiple instances of the Endpoint Manager on the same PC.
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If you're handling a big batch of PCs and you're trying to migrate them to the new versions of either Reboot Restore Rx or Rollback Rx Pro, you may find that having two instances of the remote management tool open at the same time might be hugely beneficial to you.


So here's how to get that done! Make sure you follow the steps as carefully as possible, it does require some minor adjustments in the regedit.

First, uninstall all instances of the RMC 

- Run the install for the different  (preferably an older build) RMC and after installation, make sure you create a separate setup directory and not the default, for example, install into a folder called RMC1.

- Run the program once, then exit.

- Go into services, find and stop the RMserver service.

- Now find the RMC1 folder, open the Settings.ini file with Notepad and add the line below at the bottom

port=9001 (or whichever port number is available) 

- Now go into regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\RmServer

- Select DisplayName and rename the default RmServer to whichever, for this example we'll call it RmServer1

Run the RMC now and it should work.

Now for the second one you follow the same steps (using a different build), just remember to change the directory again as they should be separate.

NOTE: You could change your 10.X RMC to 9001 and when you run the endpoint manager (11.1 build) you don't have to run through this entire process again since the default should still be different to the one you set up. (directory still need to be changed)


Contact Technical Support if you have any questions or concerns.

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