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How to create a "setup.INI" file to be used for RollBack Rx deployment purposes.
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 The Setup.INI file is created and used for network deployment purposes. The Setup.INI contains RollBack Rx configurations that is used during deployment of RollBack Rx

In order to created the setup.ini file, open the RollBack Rx folder then open the support folder:

  1. Run the "Setup INI Wizard" to create a setup.ini configuration file.
  2. During the Setup INI Wizard, select the configurations of RollBack Rx that you would like the client machines to have.
  3. Save the setup.ini file into the same RollBack folder.

Below is a screenshot of the Setup INI Wizard creating the setup.ini

Refer to the RollBack Rx Deployment Guide in order to know about on how to deploy RollBack Rx. 

If you have trouble deploying RollBack Rx- please contact Horizon DataSys technical support -> "Submit a Ticket"


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