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Can I defrag my drives after installing RollBack Rx?
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Yes, you can defrag your drive after you install Rollback but you have to understand how Rollback works.  RollBack Rx works at the sector level of the hard disk, and views the actions of Windows File level defraggers as a massive change in data.  Therefore the outcome of defragging a system with RollBack Rx would be a very large snapshot.  If you were ever to go to a previous snapshot; all the defragmenting would have been a waste of time, as the defragmenting was only within a single snapshot (system state).

Why would you Defrag your PC? 

The concept of defragmenting has come around prior to the advent of RollBack Rx.  Defragging is great for PC that do not have RollBack Rx. 

The objective of defragmenting is to optimize the hard drive for efficient use by the Windows File System and, thus, improve system performance. Defragmenting tools are Windows applications. They work by looking for fragmented files and moving them into contiguous extents.

Rollback Rx does not distinguish between applications - it just protects your entire root drive (0) - usually your C: Drive. So the Defragmentation run is seen as a massive "change in data" by an application. Therefore, it ensures that your "before change" data is protected -- so Rollback ends up protecting the fragmented version of your files. This may not be an optimal result. 

For detailed information of Defraggers and how they interact with RollBack Rx - please read our Whitepaper on Defragging.

Here are our current recommendations for defragging with Rollback Rx:

  • Clean up and Defrag your drives before installing RollBack Rx, so you start with a nice, defragged system.
  • RollBack Rx has a build-in snapshot defragmenter -- use that to defrag your system. It's fast and it works with RollBack Rx.
  • If you really need to defrag the drives with a third party tool: Uninstall RollBack Rx, defrag the drives and then reinstall RollBack Rx.

 If you come across any issue with the system and RollBack Rx after defragmenting, contact Horizon DataSys Technical Support -> "Submit a Ticket"

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