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I uninstalled Rollback and lost ALL the data since the moment I installed Rollback. Is this deliberate? Is there ANY chance of me recovering my data??
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No, it is not deliberate.

Rollback Rx is VERY powerful software and you have to be exteremly careful about what options you select when uninstalling.READ THIS BEFORE UNINSTALLING ROLLBACK RX.

On install,  Rollback Rx it immediately takes a snapshot called the "Installation" also known as a baseline snapshot. This is the exact status of the disk as of the install date and time. Additionally, you may take several snapshots. You can change the baseline to any of these snapshots.

When you chose to uninstall Rollback Rx, it takes one final snapshot and then, by default, asks if you want to return the drive to this "current system". However, if you choose differently, the uninstaller will return your disk to the snapshot that you select. Before accepting your selection, the uninstaller presents a detailed message about the consequences of not returning to the "current system" and asks you to positively indicate that you understand.  It then permanently deletes itself and all snapshots.

In your case, it appears that you elected to return to the baseline, rather than to the "current system".  Your drive reverted exactly to the image you took on first installing Rollback. Rollback RX is gone, the snapshots are gone and lost data is irrevocably lost.

That being said...

We have a Utility that will attempt to recover data from for you - but it is not guaranteed to work. The "Snapshot Scavenger", as well the instructions for its use, please contact our technical support for the tools. If there is any hope of getting the data back, this is it. We wish you the best of luck.


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