Will Rollback Rx work with VMWare Workstation?
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Yes, RollBack Rx does work with VMWare Workstation. As long as both Host and Guest OS are Windows variants.

Installation will depend on HOW you want to protect your various OS. You may install Rollback in the Host OS only, which will require you to be back in the Host OS before doing any snapshot manipulation.

Alternately, you can install Rollback Rx in both the Host and Guest OS. Install using the "Advanced Options" to "install Rollback in a system where Rollback has already been installed". This will allow you to install the interface programs only, so that Snapshots can be seen and manipulated on both OS.

We do not recommend installing Rollback Rx where either the Host or one or more of the Guest Operating Systems are not Windows.

In addition, we wish to suggest a caveat. If you are using Rollback Rx under VMWare, the resulting snapshot structure can rapidly become QUITE complex. Please employ vigorous discipline, excellent naming conventions and document each snapshot in detail.

If you require help installing RollBack Rx on VMWare -> "Submit a Ticket"

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