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Where do I find the RollBack Rx Log Files?
Posted by James Suen, Last modified by James Suen on 22 Sep 2015

In order to resolve certain technical issues with the installation process or otherwise , it is necessary to retrieve 'log files' of RollBack Rx.

After you log into the Windows, please collect the following 3 files from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Shield [32-bit machine]


C:\Program Files\Shield [64-bit machine]

and attach them in your Support ticket:

1. setup.log
2. subconsole.log
3. 128.dat
4. shield.dat or shield.dat.bak

FYI: Strongly suggest you compress the four log files before attaching it to your support ticket.

If you require further assistance, contact Horizon DataSys Support: "Submit a Ticket". 


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