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Reboot Restore Rx - How to: Update Baseline & Recover from Sub-Console
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Reboot Restore Rx is a freeware utility. This software was created in response to the many requests submitted to us by small school systems and libraries that have limited budgets who were looking for a replacement for Microsoft's SteadyState and other commercially available products.

This is a knowledge base article that explains the best practices and specifically, how to 1. Set your baseline 2. Update your baseline 3. Recover from the sub-console.  



Software installed, you got your baseline!

As soon as the software is installed and the machine has rebooted, you got your baseline! Reboot Restore Rx will restore your PC back to that system state on every reboot.

This picture shows the installation process.






Update your Baseline

Wanna do changes to your system and keep those changes? No problem. The process of updating the baseline is very simple and straight forward with Reboot Restore Rx.

1- Disable the Restore Option 
- Right Click the System Tray Icon 
- Select Restore on Reboot (Uncheck it) 
You are ready to do your updates and changes! 
2- Update Baseline 
- Right click the System Tray Icon 
- Select Restore on Reboot (Check) 
Your system has been updated!





Recover from Sub-console or Mini OS.

In Reboot Restore Rx you have another great capability. You can restore your system to a baseline even if Windows crashed and you can't get into it.

We do this from the sub-console:

- Reboot your system 
- Before Windows you will get the splash screen 
- Press the HOME key repetitively to get into the Menu 
- Select Restore Now 

It's that easy to instantly recover from any OS crash! You will get your system back in seconds.

 * If you encounter yourself in a restore loop you can follow this process and select Uninstall in the Sub-console Menu. Once the updates are done, you can go ahead and reinstall.

Our support for Reboot Restore Rx is handled through our Forum and Support portal, so if you have any other questions about Reboot Restore Rx, you can go into and under Reboot Restore Rx submit your questions, or submit a ticket (Link at the top) through this support portal. We'll be happy to assist you!

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Mike stevens
10 Dec 2013
Thank you for the instructions! Reboot Restore rx is a brilliant freeware