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Can I install Reboot Restore Rx: Professional on a Multi-boot System configuration?
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Yes, Reboot Restore Rx: Professional can be installed on Multi-OS system. However, you would need to install Drive Vaccine on both OS's.

To understand the reasoning behind this type of installation, you need to realize that Reboot Restore Rx: Professional has 2 logical parts:

  1. The Subconsole, which is the mini OS that boots prior to Windows.
  2. The GUI component - which is the Windows component that connects to the Subconsole. ( In this case, there will be two GUI component for each of the OS.)


The following steps will provide instructions on how to install Reboot Restore Rx: Professional on a Multi-boot Setup:

  • During the setup/installation of Reboot Restore Rx: Professional.
  • Choose "Custom" installation, fill up the License Information and Destination Location.
  • The next step will prompt to select the type of 'Multi-boot Setup'.
  • In most cases, assuming that this is the first OS you are running the setup of Reboot Restore Rx: Professional, select "This computer is a multi-boot system, install the software in this OS now" and then select next and continue configuring the setup process as you desire.
  • The installation process will complete the first OS setup, then it prompt you to boot into the second OS and continue the setup.
  • After the second OS setup for Reboot Restore Rx: Professionalhas completed, the system will restart to install the subconsole.
  • The last part of the installation will install the subconsole of Reboot Restore Rx: Professional.


Below is a screenshot of what you should see during the Multi-boot Setup Selection.

Note: Reboot Restore Rx: Professional is currently compatible only on Windows Operating System.

Do not install a Linux partition. When you are running under Linux, Drive Vaccine is not loaded.  This implies 3 things:

  • Only the Baseline is visible to LINUX.
  • Reboot Restore Rx: Professional is not running. Therefore, any changes made by LINUX to Drive 0 instantly corrupts the Baseline, as far as Reboot Restore Rx: Professional is concerned. 
    Your system will become unusable. You will have to restore the Disk from an external backup to recover.

If you have trouble installing Reboot Restore Rx- contact Horizon DataSys technical support -> "Submit a Ticket"

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