How To Uninstall RollBack Rx Professional And Reboot Restore Rx Pro (Version 12)
Posted by Kurtis Smejkal, Last modified by Jester Santos on 28 Mar 2024

Sometimes we need to uninstall RollBack Rx Professional or Reboot Restore Rx Pro for any number of reasons, but doing so correctly will mean we are able to reset our Product ID automatically. Meaning that the Product ID will be ready for use again. This guide will detail how to uninstall the software so that you have a means to use the Product ID again immediately.

When uninstalling the software, it's worth noting that there are two separate components of the software. The first is your pre-OS component, the subconsole. You'll see this when you see the RollBack Rx Professional or Reboot Restore Rx Pro splash screen load prior to Windows loading. The other is the Windows client. This is the part of the program you interact with when you're within Windows. In order for the program to be fully removed and for the Product ID to be reset, both the subconsole and the Windows client need to be removed.

Uninstalling From A Single Machine

If you are uninstalling the program from a single machine, or don't wish to mass uninstall your clients, this is how you'd uninstall the software.

OPTION 1: Uninstalling From The Subconsole

The recommended method to uninstall from a single machine is to uninstall from the subconsole. This will remove both components easily and with no additional effort required.

First you need to login to the program via the subconsole. To access the subconsole, click the HOME key on your keyboard when you see the subconsole loading before Windows.


Once you've logged in, navigate with your arrow keys to Uninstall and select the option by clicking Enter.

If you are uninstalling RollBack Rx Professional, it'll ask you to select a state/snapshot to uninstall to. Reboot Restore Rx Pro will uninstall to the current system state.

OPTION 2: Running The Uninstaller

Reboot Restore Rx Pro and RollBack Rx Professional both include Uninstaller tools that can be ran to uninstall the software.

To locate the uninstaller, look under either Program Files or Program Files (x86) for a folder labeled 'Shield'. This folder contains Reboot Restore Rx Pro and RollBack Rx Professional and its various tools.

Once the folder is located, locate the application titled 'Uninstall'. Run the uninstaller tool and follow the prompts to uninstall.