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Reboot Restore Rx User Guide
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Reboot Restore Rx is a freeware utility developed by Horizon DataSys. This free utility was created in response to the many requests submitted to us by small school systems and libraries that have limited budgets who were looking for a replacement for Microsoft's SteadyState and other commercially available products.

Download Reboot Restore Rx here.

As soon as the software is installed and the machine has rebooted, you have your baseline! Reboot Restore Rx will restore your PC back to that system state on every reboot. This guide will detail how to perform Reboot Restore Rx's basic functions.

Update your Baseline

Want to make changes to your system and keep those changes? A quick update to your baseline is required. The process of updating the baseline is very simple and straightforward with Reboot Restore Rx.

1. Disable the Restore Option

  • Right Click the System Tray Icon
  • Select Disable

2. Make changes to your system

3. Update Baseline

  • Right-click the System Tray Icon
  • Select Enable

Once re-enabled, the program will update your baseline.

Recover from Sub-console or Mini OS.

In Reboot Restore Rx you have another great capability. You can restore your system to a baseline even if Windows is unbootable.

We do this from the sub-console. To do this

  • Reboot your system
  • Before Windows, you will get the splash screen
  • Press the HOME key repeatedly to get into the Menu
  • Select Restore Now 
  • Done!

It's that easy to instantly recover from any OS crash! You will get your system back in seconds.


You may find yourself in an update loop (the program loads into the OS, but then restores the machine, thus in a loop) or with a corrupted Baseline. Unlike Reboot Restore Rx Pro which offers backup states and other more advanced recovery options, the only option available with Reboot Restore Rx is to uninstall the software. To do so:

  • Reboot your system
  • Before Windows, you will get the splash screen
  • Press the HOME key repetitively to get into the Menu
  • Select Uninstall 
  • Done!


Reboot Restore Rx is a freeware application that was designed, developed and published with small budget organizations and end-users in mind, that just want to restore their machines to a perfectly working state on every reboot without having to pay anything.
We know that the market has been looking for a replacement for the discontinued Windows SteadyState and other applications out there are too pricey or not nearly as advanced.

Troubleshooting and Support for the freeware is provided through our Community Forum. If you have any questions about using Reboot Restore Rx or the program in general, you'll want to post on the forum where our knowledgable users and monderators will be happy to help you. If you are curious of the differences between Reboot Restore Rx and Reboot Restore Rx Pro, we offer a comprehensive comparison on our website.

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