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Software Upgrade Policy
Posted by Jester Santos, Last modified by Jester Santos on 15 Feb 2022

Minor Updates:
When you purchase any of our Horizon DataSys software products, all in-version updates of your product are free.
In-version or minor updates are updates of which the first version number has not changed. For instance - if you've purchased version 9.0, you can upgrade to version 9.1 free of charge. 

If you have subscribed to our annual support program (GOLD or PLATINUM) which is offered at the time of purchase - you will receive free major updates and upgrades as well as prioritized technical support. Annual support services can only be purchased at the time of purchase.

Customers that have not purchased annual maintenance will need to check back periodically at our website for any available minor updates.

Major Upgrades:
Major upgrades are indicated by a change in the product version number. So an upgrade from 9.x to 10.x is a major upgrade.
Major upgrades usually have a significant amount of improvements and new features.

Therefore, you will have to purchase a new license if you want to take advantage of a major update or version upgrade.
For clients that have purchased annual maintenance (Gold & Platinum support) the cost to upgrade to would be as follows:

Major Upgrade Costs

Support Level

Cost of Major Upgrade

Benefits of Support package


Full List Price

Standard support benefits


FREE - No additional cost

Customers with current GOLD support status will receive free major upgrades and prioritized technical support


FREE - No additional cost

Volume Price Protection for additional licenses. Free major upgrades and prioritized support. Contact your account manager for a detailed quotation. 

If you do not purchase Gold or Platinum support packages; you will not be forced to upgrade and you will still be entitled to technical support if you continue to use the previous version of our products.

Major Upgrades: New Release Upgrade Guarantee
If Horizon DataSys publishes a new major version within 60 days of a purchased software license, the customer will be entitled to a FREE license upgrade to the new release.

Additional Upgrade Notes for Rollback Rx v10 and Drive Vaccine v10

  • Rollback Rx Pro
    For Rollback Rx 9.1 licenses, purchases made from our Black Friday Sale 2012 (November 23, 2012) onwards, are qualified for a free upgrade to Rollback Rx v10.x

    For Rollback Rx v10.0 license key owners. Because of the license format change for version 10.2, you would not be able to use your current license key on the current version. The license key change from version 10.0 to version 10.2 is free. To acquire the new license key, please submit a support ticket with the email used during purchase and your order reference number.

  • Drive Vaccine
    For Drive Vaccine. The official release date of version 10.0 was on May 1, 2013, so only purchases made 60 days before that are qualified for a free upgrade to version 10.0

Additional Upgrade Notes for RollBack Rx v11 and Reboot Restore Rx Pro v11

  • RollBack Rx Pro
    Version 11's official release date is July 02, 2018

  • Reboot Restore Rx Pro
    Version 11's official release date is September 17, 2018

Additional Upgrade Notes for RollBack Rx v12 and Reboot Restore Rx Pro v12

  • RollBack Rx Pro and Reboot Restore Rx Pro
    Version 12's official release date is February 11, 2022
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