Why are my RollBack Rx snapshots shown in red color
Posted by Jester Santos on 24 Jun 2022

Applied to RollBack Rx Pro/Server version 11 / 12

Q. Why are my RollBack Rx snapshots shown in red color? 

A. When RollBack Rx takes a snapshot, it's snapshotting the content of the hard drive. When the Windows system is running, some data are stored in the memory (RAM) or pagefile for quick access, but not everything is saved in the hard disk (yet). So to make sure the new snapshot contains all the data, before creating the new snapshot, RollBack Rx calls the Windows Volume Shadow Service (VSS) to flush the data from the memory cache into the hard drive.

For some reason VSS failed to successfully save everything into the hard disk RollBack Rx will still go ahead and take the new snapshot, but the new snapshot is shown in red color, indicating the system might not be in a consistent state when the snapshot was taken.

It is OK to have a red snapshot once in a while. These red snapshots are still good working snapshots
but if you consistently have one red snapshot after another, we need to investigate your system to find out why the VSS is failing to flush the memory cache

One common cause is conflicting with 3rd party apps (normally automated backup software) that also use VSS

If you need further assistance please submit a support ticket

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