Hi Folks,

We have new builds out for RollBack Rx (Pro and Home) and Reboot Restore Rx (Pro and free) 

Some highlights on the new builds:

General: Disable Windows fast startup if a snaphsot@1st bootup of the day scheduled task is present.
General: Add setup switches to exclude user Desktop and Documents from restore.
General: Add Snapshot Validator tool.
General: Add dynamic disk support.
General: Fix setup problem on single larger than 2TB partition\
Driver: Fix setup BSOD caused by setting snapshot encryption level=1.
Pre-OS: Fix the UEFI BIOS 1GB memory allocation limitation.
Pre-OS: Renew UEFI bootloader Microsoft digital signing.
EndPoint Manager: Fix a bug in EPM scheduled task to wake up the client on LAN (WOL)

You can check the releases notes for each product on our Downloads page for more details.

For any issues with the new builds or for any other concerns, feel free to chat with us or submit a ticket.