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The following information applies to Drive Cloner Rx versions.

This article explains the minimum hardware requirements for setup Drive Cloner Rx

To setup Drive Cloner Rx on a computer, your PC must meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

Processor- 2 Ghz or higher

RAM- 512MB or higher

Storage Media

  • Hard Disk Drives minimum 2GB Disk Free Space

Supported Operating System

  • Windows 8.x all Editions 
  • Windows 7 all Editiions SP1
  • Windows Vista all Editions SP2
  • Windows XP Home Edition SP3
  • Windows XP Professional (x32 SP3 / x64 SP2)

Support Partition Style

  • Support only MBR Partition on Windows 7 & 8.x Operating System

Support File Systems

  • FAT 16/32, NTFS

Product Activation can be done over the Internet using Internet Connection OR By contacting support for Offline Activation (without using the Internet).

If you have trouble installing Drive Cloner Rx - contact Horizon DataSys technical support -> "Submit a Ticket"




When you purchase a license key for a software solution (i.e- RollBack Rx, Drive Vaccine or Drive Cloner)  from Horizon DataSys, there is no limit to the number of times that license key may be activated - these licenses are perpectual as well.

Single license key can only be used on a single machine at any given time. 

When you use the license key for the first time it will "lock" itself to that specific computer. If you subsequently do a proper uninstallation of the software from that PC, your license key will automatically be "freed" up for you to reuse.

If you own a single Product ID on which you have multiple license keys then a single key can't be isolated and reset. Instead that Product ID  will be reset. All the machines on which you have the software installed with that Product ID will initiate an activation check. If they're connected to the internet this will occur in the background and you won't even notice this automatic re-activation. Any of your licenses key that are not currently "locked" on any machines will then be "freed" up and are available for reuse.

In order to resolve this error:  Please "submit a ticket" with that Product ID and your email address that you used for the purchase.

Drive Cloner Rx provides the ability to create bootable recovery media to restore your system in the event the system fails to startup.

The 3 options Drive Cloner Rx provides in creating the recovery media are: (as shown below)

  • Recovery CD/DVD
  • ISO File
  • Recovery USB Flash Drive

If you require further assistance using Drive Cloner Rx, contact technical support -> 'Submit a Ticket'



Drive Cloner can be use to create a bootable CD/DVD that can contain backup images and other recovery files that can be used as recovery media to restor the computer in case the system fails to start or boot.

The following steps briefly explains on how to create a recovery CD/DVD:

1. Open the Drive Cloner console and choose the tab "Create Recovery Media" 

2. The next step is to choose "Bootable CD/DVD"

3. Choose the Optical Drive that you want to use for creating the recovery CD/DVD -> Click Next

4. Choose any backup image that you may want to include in the recovery media -> Click Next

5. After the confirm on the CD/DVD disk, Drive Cloner Rx will create the Recovery CD/DVD for your system.

In the event that your system fails to boot or start, you can use this recovery CD/DVD to boot the system.

If you require further assistance, contact technical support -> 'Submit a Ticket'

Drive Cloner Rx provides users to validate whether a backup image has any errors or bugs that can cause an issue during restore.

To validate a Backup image, open the Drive Cloner Rx Console  -> Click on Tools -> Click on "Validate Backup Image"- (as shown below)

The next step is to choose the backup image file that you would like to validate - (as shown below)


After the validation process is over, Drive Cloner will inform you if the backup is error-free or not.

If you require further assistance, contact technical support -> 'Submit a Ticket'

With Drive Cloner Rx, you can create backup image file from your disks and partitions. The backup image file can be saved on external drives or CD/DVDs.

In order to create a backup of your partition and disks, open up the Drive Cloner Rx:

1. Click on "Backup Partitions and Disks" (See image below)

2. Once you click on it, the Disk Backup Wizard should start up (See image below)

3. Make sure you select the partitions or hard disks to backup. In this case, it is Drive C. (See image below)

4. Select the Backup Mode. As this is a new backup, choose "Full backup". (See image below)


5. The next step is to select a location to save this backup. (See image below)

6. Choose the Compression Level. By default- Drive Cloner Rx chooses it as 'Normal'. (See image below)

7. The final step is to confirm the configuration for the backup and then select 'Proceed'. (See image below)

8. Drive Cloner Rx creating the backup. (See image below)

9. The backup image can be found in the location listed during the Disk Backup Wizard. (See image below)

If you require further assistance, contact technical support -> 'Submit a Ticket'

For all those who use Drive Cloner v5.0 should note that there is no forward compatibility from Drive Cloner v5.0 to Drive Cloner v5.1

Images created by Drive Cloner v5.0 cannot be validated or deployed by Drive Cloner v5.1

If a clone is created by Drive Cloner v5.0, it can only be implemented or deployed on to the same or another machine using Drive Cloner v5.0.

The clone image created by Drive Cloner v5.0 can only be validated by Drive Cloner v5.0 not by Drive Cloner v5.1

The reason being is the difference in code structure in Drive Cloner v5.1 making it compatible with newer systems that have GPT hard drive partitions and other new specifications. 

If you have trouble using Drive Cloner - contact Horizon DataSys Technical Support -> "Submit a Ticket"

In order to resolve certain technical issues with the installation process or otherwise, it is necessary to retrieve 'log files' of Drive Cloner Rx.

After you log into the Windows, please collect the following log files from:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Drive Cloner Rx 

and attach them in your Support ticket:

1. FlcServ.exe.log

Also include all the files found in the 'TRACE' folder 

FYI: It is strongly recommended to compress the log files before attaching it to your support ticket.

If you require further assistance, contact Horizon DataSys Support: "Submit a Ticket".