Hi Folks,

We have new builds out for RollBack Rx (Pro and Home) and Reboot Restore Rx (Pro and free) 

Some highlights on the new builds:

General: Disable Windows fast startup if a snaphsot@1st bootup of the day scheduled task is present.
General: Add setup switches to exclude user Desktop and Documents from restore.
General: Add Snapshot Validator tool.
General: Add dynamic disk support.
General: Fix setup problem on single larger than 2TB partition\
Driver: Fix setup BSOD caused by setting

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RollBack Rx & Reboot Restore Rx Version 10.7 is Live
Posted by Jester Santos on 11 May 2017

Hi Folks,

Great news! We’ve just released a new build update (version 10.7) for both RollBack Rx and Reboot Restore Rx that addresses some Windows 10 compatibility issue as well as implementing new features and fixing other bugs and issues. 

Here are the changes that apply to RollBack RX Pro, Home & Server Edition and Reboot Restore RX Pro and freeware.
(for Rollback Rx Server and Reboot Restore (Freeware) the version number is listed as 2.2)


  • Fixes Secure Boot Issue for

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The issue has been resolved on the latest builds (May 2017). They are now available on the Downloads page.
Thank you for your patience.

There is currently a compatibility issue with out-of-the-box and fresh installs of Windows 10 build 1607 (Anniversary Update) and RollBack Rx/Reboot Restore Rx (Freeware and Pro Editions) causing a non-bootable state.

Finding your Windows build number

During setup, users would see a Program Compatibility Assistant giving an error that

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More than 400 million devices are running Windows 10 in 192 countries across the world. As support dwindles for the previous operating systems those numbers are going to continue to grow as more and more users will adopt Microsoft’s “last OS”.

This means we need to keep up, and we’re working hard to do just that.

Microsoft brought over a feature from their tablets and iterations of Windows 8/8.1 called Secure Boot, which relies on UEFI specified boot functionality to prevent malicious

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Today Horizon DataSys announced a rebranding of the world’s leading restore on reboot software Drive Vaccine to Reboot Restore Rx Professional, positioning the program as the next logical step up from the freeware Reboot Restore Rx.

Previously, Drive Vaccine was pushed as the “upgraded” version of Reboot Restore Rx, offering additional features the freeware version lacked such as centralized management, password protection, command line switch capabilities and more. As Reboot Restore

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Yes, We're Windows 10 Compatible
Posted by Samuel Smith on 03 Jun 2016

Hey folks!

We here at Horizon DataSys wanted to send out a quick reminder to all of our users that yes, we are and have been Windows 10 compatible since October 2015.

This does require an update to v10.4 of RollBack Rx and/or v10.5 of Drive Vaccine in order to run properly. All older builds of the software will not run properly, sometimes resulting in fatal errors if allowed to be installed on Windows 10.

Download and trial the latest version of RollBack Rx Professional from this

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